Joomla Tutorials – Add a Contact

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Joomla Tutorials

With it’s built-in contact component, adding an e-mail form to your Joomla website is a very easy process. You may create multiple categories of contacts, each with multiple contacts themselves. This tutorial is a walkthrough of how to put together a new contact.

One thing to do is login on the Joomla backend. That is at

The first step with this process will be to put in a new category to place our contacts in. Categories all you to group teams of contacts so you can have forms for those members of your sales team, or all of your managers. First go to Components > Contacts > Categories. The screen explains an overview of any categories that already exist. By default there will be one category named “Contacts”. You’ll want to click the New button within the upper right corner in the screen to create a new category. You will have a form you’ll need to complete. You can limit who is able to view this category by choosing the level in the Access Level select box. You can set an image to exhibit for the category if you’d like. When you have everything setup you’ll be able to click the Save button.

As soon as the contact category has been created we can go add a contact. Go to Components > Contacts > Contacts. The screen teaches you an overview of any contacts that already exist. Now, select the New button to create a new contact. Complete the short form for your contact’s details. You can link a message to a user, then you definitely won’t need to write of their email address. You can also add your mailing and other important contact data. In case you decide you want to add data towards the contact’s profile but you don’t want visitors to be able to determine if from your site it is possible to control what is shown using the parameters. If you want to block certain emails or text this can be done under the email parameters. This is extremely useful for controlling contact page spam.

For people so that you can use the form it’ll need to be added to the menu. Go to Menus > Main Menu. This will likely show you all products in your menu. Click A new comer to add a new food selection. Select the Contacts loink under Internal Link. To create a form with multiple contacts click the Contact Category Layout link. Clicking the common Contact Layout link enables you link to a single contact.

Joomla Video Tutorials

Split into Contact Category Layout you will want to add the title, which can be what will show within the menu. The category that will get shown is set under the parameters. You can also control many other parameters.

If you go with the Standard Contact Layout you’ll want to add the Title which controls what exactly is shown in the menu. To pick which contact is displayed it gets set within the parameters. You can also control a number of other

Joomla Tutorials – Add a Contact

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